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‘The Krishna Key’ is a book by Ashwin Sanghi ( Shawn Haigins – Pseudonym) and also the author of ‘Chanakya Chant’ and ‘The Rozabal Line’ fame. It’s a Thriller based story, however, it has all the spices one would want, romance, thriller, mystery, adventure, dramas. The book got my undisturbed attention and I did not realize that I had already finished it halfway through within few hours. The story and the plot are addictive thanks to the catchy narratives. 

I am impressed with the thorough and crisp research on the how the mythology should have a new perspective. Everything connected with one single aspect. Wow! First, the author makes the reader believe that Kalki avatar (10th avatar of Lord Sri Krishna) is born and he is on his way to remove the evil during the end of the Kalyug, and then there is twist where readers find he is just a manipulated serial killer. I could see the plethora of stories and new perspective reasoning on Krishna’s life and so many other stories related to Mount Kailash, Egypt pyramids, Somnatheshwar Temple, Gazni Dynasty, Kalibangan, The Vedic age, The Taj Mahal and the most eyebrows raising reason was the significance of the Shivling! The analogy of the nuclear reactor and the Shivling is remarkable. All these narration are in regards with quest of finding a philosopher’s stone. 

The characters in the story have a neat introduction and apt information about them how they appeared in the story. The timing is so well framed that is to say the author has juggled with those characters in a smart way without making anyone confused or feeling completely disconnected. Historian Ravi Mohan Saini, the protagonist is the one whom the reader would really feel for. He is the one accused for all the killing committed by the supposedly believed ‘Kalki’ avatar played by Taarak Vakil. Radhika Singh, a strong and bold woman who is having no time for nonsense and adamant to punish the culprit behind the serial killings. However, one can also witness the soft corner of her in the later chapters. Priya, a smart and clever doctoral student of Saini is having a major role in the twists and turns in the story. CBI Sunil Garg, typical corrupted police officer like every Indian movie portrays, he is like the ‘bika hua insaan’ in my words (sorry I am trying to be mean to him).  Who cannot forget to mention Sir Khan? He serves the main reason behind the whole quest of finding a precious philosopher’s stone of ancient time, which was once the prized possession of Lord Sri Krishna.4
Another most and vital factor of the novel is the intervals between the sequences. In addition, the interval is filled with the reminiscing the events of the birth of Lord Sri Krishna, the story of the Mahabharata and the end of the Lord himself. Moreover, these intervals were read as if Lord himself is narrating it to the reader. I was impressed with the linguistics used here because most of the authors tend to use very casual language or rather say the common phrases used while conversing with others. I appreciate that. The climax was a bit disappointing because I was expecting the protagonist to lay hands on philosopher’s stone and find the mystery behind the Krishna Key. However, I did not dare to ignore the amazing lines that had both spiritual and philosophical inclination, which Saini tried to explain Radhika and her fellow police officer in the climax. My verdict is GO BUY! It’s worth reading!  If you love History and Mythology, then I will not dare to say anything because you know where your eyes will be laid on. It is something out of the box playing with the mythology into a fictional one. 
I am now going to read Sanghi’s other books. Yes, I am shamelessly telling that I came across him just few weeks back and this is the first book that I read. Apologies. 
My rating 4.6/5.
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(c) Reviewed by Sridevi Nayak Karopady

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  1. I also loved this book!! 🙂

    Loved your review… I liked the way you have analysed the book in depth. I like the way you have also done some interesting homework on the book before writing this post!

    Way to go man..waiting for more reviews

  2. Ha ha ha ha 🙂

    Nothing like that re… I just realised I was not following your blog then how would I come to know you have updated it!!

    Silly Me!! Following it now to stay glued to be rest assured am going to be stalking you with my comments here as well…

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