Superstar India: From Incredible to Unstoppable – Shobhaa Dé – Review


Shobhaa Dé, the name itself strikes the chord. Everybody knows her for her works, her attitude towards her life. The book names Superstar India, was my first read from her. However, I had a great deal of expectation from this much read and recommended books. I used to see this book in most of my friends hands. Out of sheer curiosity, I tried this book. Sadly, it did not touch my level of expectation I had.
Anyhow, the book is about her views on India, proud feelings for being an Indian and sharing the same age between her and the Independent India. She managed to touch every section one would really want to know for instance politics, welcoming color television sets to India, Indian women, Indian marriages, dictatorship in countries like China, China made products, value of money, her childhood and her children, advent of mobile phones in India, transformation of India from post-independence to pre-independence, etc.
I will not deny the facts for whatever she has written. She is true about the system of our country in political terms. She is not wrong when she spoke about the status of women in India. Nevertheless, I was disappointed more because there was nothing special. I have read so many storied of such kind. When I had updated my ‘Facebook’ status regarding my current readings, one of my friends commented that Shobhaa Dé could have used it as her personal diary instead of publishing the book. Rude isn’t it. However, it was my friend’s take on it.
I am a slow reader when it comes to non-fiction. This book took me nearly 3 months to finish. I had to take a break while reading them. Anyhow, my rating would be 3/5. Better go and read other books from the same author. I partly liked the linguistic used while writing. It was a blend of English with some Hindi and French phrases. You can give amiss to own this book. 

(c) Reviewed by Sridevi Nayak Karopady

3 opinions on “Superstar India: From Incredible to Unstoppable – Shobhaa Dé – Review”

  1. To be honest I have admired Shobha De a lot for her sheet honesty in everything that she writes / speaks!!

    And a confession I have read each and every book she has written 🙂

    Loved your take on her!

  2. I have liked her book in which she has written letters to her children…that is superb. Though kind of too forward it might seem but hard hitting reality.

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