The Stop at ‘The Stop Over’- P-Review

The Stop Over book is much talked about book over every possible medium like Facebook, Writeup Café etc. I came across this book through word of mouth recommendation from one of my fellow blogger-cum-friend. The most enthralling thing of the book is the cover page; it is sober, subtle, pleasing, and elegant. The book is the photo-fiction, which is a new concept that evokes curiosity to pick a copy. The book has more than 100 photos to support the stories and the characteristics of the book, 4 different stories set up in four different locations. The Tibetan wheel of wisdom, A rocking horse can gallop too, The sun shines forever, I hear them calling are the names of the chapters present in the book that are awaiting its reader to read. The masterpiece belongs to Ram Prakash and Deepa Pinto, the notable newbie in the writing genre.
When I started reading the first 30 pages of the soft copy of the book that is available for the review, I forced myself to swim into its catchy narratives. The protagonist Varun, is very connecting and the plot of the book very profound. I gasped when I saw the pictures incorporated to set the mood. There was balance. Apt description of the Ladakh was enslaving me. The ambience sensed the calm feeling. Varun was on much awaited holiday. Well he deserved it. Sometimes caught between work, relationships, and commitments and one forgets to breathe the life. It was the same case with Varun. He wanted an element that could act as a channel to be the elixir for his life. He then meets three new people who help him in his journey. He learns the story behind the Tibetans on exile and is appalled at their calm and compassion appearance towards life. The description of the culture of the Tibetans, their lifestyle has been scripted meticulously. 
Before I could learn more about the Tibet and its citizens, I was already done with the 30 pages. I felt the need of reading it further and this is where the writer has done justice with his work. If a readers feels agitated, curious, anxious to know what is going to happen further in the story, then the writer’s is job done! He has targeted right on the spot. Now I cannot wait more to lay my hands on the book, which is a gift from my friend. Moreover, I will be highly obliged to have it. Wishing the readers a happy read the moment they get the masterpiece and the writers a good luck! Until then countdown continues with much excitement. 
And in the meanwhile be happy watching this video.
My ratings ( for 30 pages) : ****/5 [I need to know more please 🙁 ]

This post is part of the contest Tibet: Roof of the world. Its people : Roofless.. on inspired by the Photo Fiction book The Stopover

(c) Reviewed by Sridevi Nayak Karopady

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