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Yashodhara Lal’s debut book Just Married Excuse Please is a light read. The first impression of the book would be the cover page, which has summery type of look with some dash of yellow color and the car with a number plate inscribed as V vs Y. The book name itself talks loudly that the story is about a married couple and their difficulties in the marriage. Did I just miss to tell it is a love marriage? The couple gets married without much hustle and tussle. Yashodhara has described her love story in a simple way. What I liked more about the book is the way both individual handle their marriage. There were times when I felt ‘aww’ for both Yashodhara and Vijay. They both love each other so much and they both have opposite tastes and yet managed so well to save their marriage.

Vijay Sharma – every girl would want a husband like him. In addition, every girl would agree he should quit smoking.  I liked the way he cared for his wife during her pregnancy. He is much older than Yashodhara. Moreover, the way he pampered Yashodhara like a baby is very commendable. He handled her tantrums and her mood swings throughout. The bhookump joke was hilarious. His sarcasm is another reason for the laughter gags for instance the sequence with Kajal and him. I could not just stop laughing so loudly that my mother had to ask what was wrong with me. He mistaking his sister in law to be Gary who was exchanging lovey-dovey was even funnier than any joke in the book.
Yashodhara Lal – A modern girl with her dreams and aspirations but soon fell for the marriage trap and the unexpected motherhood. She was quite a person while handling all the issues. She is well known for her sarcasm and wants to prove point always thanks to her mother’s genes. She manages her work and managed to impress her in-laws. I liked the way she fights back to hold her marriage intact and her anger, which was compared to a bhookump, or earthquake was such fun to read.  She is a new mother with her set of problems. One would actually end up sympathizing Yashodhara when she cries, when she is angry and when she fights. 
The story is very simple. It is a story of every married couple, a story that everyone would like to cherish, laugh, and cry. The only thing I did not like about the book would be in some parts I felt the need to take a break. I agree it is not a page-turner but it is even not to miss the book. Who knows it might help some married couples to see their life in a new way. You never know right. I yet to experience all those so might be I cannot connect much like married couple would do. However, the book is very refreshing and new. It takes much courage to write a real love story to the audience in a fictional way, Yashodhara Lal did it, and many like me like it. My rating would be 3.5/5. 

(c) Reviewed by Sridevi Nayak Karopady

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