Tantra By Adi : Book Review


Tantra is the story about the protagonist Anu Aggarwal from New York., a guardian who stakes the Vampires. She is a no nonsense taker and has gained a good reputation for killing the dangerous vampires in New York City. Her life goes for a spin when the bloodsuckers kill the Brain, a person whom she loved dearly. She wants to avenge his death and this motive gets her to fly to New Delhi since she thinks the clue for solving the murder would be there. 

Nevertheless, when she comes to India, she is encounters more than she anticipated. Her fellow guardians in New Delhi have made a truce with the bloodsuckers; there is a mystery to solve the black magic (Tantra), she finds her pulse rising when she meets the strong vampire; she has to tackle the ritual of meeting the prospect groom whom her aunt wants her to marry. The mystery gets even more convoluted when she finds the children from the slum areas go missing. She has to save the children and the whole Delhi population from a lunatic god-man not just by using her weapons that she always carries but with something that she was never trained for, a Tantra. She uses something that her rational mind never agreed until one night when she saw a horrendous act of human sacrificing.
The reader will want to know what is the mystery behind the killings of a innocent child? Who killed Brian? How is his murder solved in New Delhi? The protagonist is portrayed as a strong woman who roams in the dangerous streets of New Delhi during the peak hours which is not common. Anu has constantly kept her relations away from her so that no one gets liable for her profession which puts everyone’s life at risk until Brian’s murder.  Will be she able to keep it a  secret yet? Anu is a complex, modern woman who can bring down any opponent. I felt her character was much close to Tomb Raider’s protagonist Lara Croft. 
The author talks about the character shifts, which get the reader, confused. And also at one point it made me confused why sudden focus is on black magic and not vampires. The story might be confusing to the readers because the author failed to describe about shift variable which I presumed as Anu could convert herself from a human to some supernatural being because she is possessing a rare healing power and running at the pace of vampire, also I was confused with few character placing like Chandra and Pandit Grover. The plot is not promising in the book though it picks up the pace right from the first page.
About the author:

Adi is an alumnus of Stanford University and Harvard University. He is deeply moved by the vast religious history of India and hence he picked up this topic for his debut novel. The author has used simple descriptive style of writing. Before this book he has written poems and a minor textbook. Overall the book is recommended for a read as it has something new to catch up with.

My Rating : 2.5/5

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(c) Reviewed by Sridevi Nayak Karopady

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