Memoirs of a Geisha : Book Review


This book is one such book which held me for a long time. The story is of a small girl Chiyo struck by poverty, who is sold by her father to a popular Geisha boarding house, Okiya in Gion at Kyoto. There is something in this book which can strike the right chord. The reason could be the narrative, a gripping and beautifully paced that has the capacity to keep the reader hooked from the beginning.

The story has the perfect ingredient be it friendship, love, betrayal, survival, jealousy, thirst for success, poverty, luxury. It unfolds the tale of an extraordinary life of a Geisha, their culture, their customs, lifestyle. Author, Aurthur Golden has put commendable efforts to bring out the Japanese culture be it about the Kimonos, the tea culture and the journey of an ordinary girl to a successful Geisha.
The novel is told in first person’s perspective and the plot is set in 1929 and takes you on the journey to post wars years of Japan’s striking history. Also, it’s a plot which talks about the Chiyo’s journey from a small girl who was sold by her father to a prominent Geisha Sayuri. How her and her fellow Geisha’s lives were affected due to the Second World War. The book has also adapted in motion pictures. 
I had watched the movie first and then I read the book. Probably this might be the reason that I could not finish the book fast. But yes, this is not a book to miss. It has so much to talk about the Geisha’s culture. After reading this book, nobody can stop themselves to google more about the Geisha and their culture. I was moved by Sayuri’s pain, her love for the Chairman. There are no much words to describe for how much I loved reading this book. This is a must read book for everyone. This will not bore you instead takes you on a journey that is filled so many things awaiting to be felt, to be read.
My verdict: 5/5
(c) Reviewed by Sridevi Nayak Karopady

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