Manuscript found in Accra : Book Review.

Manuscript of Accra, is one of a kind book. The book mentions about manuscript which was found by a noted English Archaeologist, Sir Walter Wilkinson. The carbon -14 test was conducted on the manuscript and the results says that it can be traced to its origin to the city of Accra, outside Egyptian territory.  Along with this, author Paulo Coelho also mention that in 1945, two brother discovered an urn full of papyruses, most of which are now at the Coptic Museum in Cairo and the rest was acquired by the Carl Jung institute.  

The Manuscript found in Accra was recorded on the eve of the invasion of Accra. It describes an event when the citizens had gathered to hear from a mysterious Greek man, who loved to restore antiquities, classifying objects, recording dates and discussing politics. He was a learned man called Copt and he was there to counsel a group of men and women from Jerusalem on their questions. He said to the group that he shall ask the Divine Energy to purify his heart. He insisted the citizens to question him so he could answer because he felt that the teachers of ancient Greece did the same; their disciples would ask those questions about the problems they had not yet considered, and the teachers would answer them. Copt was questioned about defeat, the defeated ones, solitude, change, beauty, love, lost moments, sex, elegance, luck, miracles, anxiety, future, loyalty, enemies. And these extraordinary insights were transcribed and passed on to the future generations.

A reader can find the book very intriguing because it continues with chapters that are setup on series of questions asked by the citizen and Copt offer advices on how one should live the life.  As the preview of the book mentions, this book is really a timeless and powerful exploration of personal growth, everyday wisdom and joy. It has philosophical inclination which catches the reader’s attention from the very first word.  This book can be titled as a hub of worthy quotes and musings on the varied subjects mentioned above. If you ask me, I would say I enjoyed this book thoroughly. And someday soon, I shall read it again. Please do not be surprised if you fall in love with the book’s name and cover picture!
My verdict – 5/5

(c) Reviewed by Sridevi Nayak Karopady

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