Dhandha, How Gujaratis Do Business : Book Review

Dhandha: How Gujaratis do business is a non-fiction book authored by Shobha Bondre. The book is translated by Shalaka Walimbe. It’s a book that flaunts the achievements of five Gujaratis. Each chapter is written by the successful entrepreneurs – Bhimjibhai Patel one of the country’s biggest diamond merchants and co-founder of the ‘Diamond Nagar’ in Surat. MohanBhai Patel, who served as Sheriff of Mumbai before becoming the leading manufacturer of aluminium collapsible tubes and owner of SUPA farms in Maharasthra. Hersha and Hasu Shah, owners of over a hundred hotels in the US. Jayadev Patel, who has found fame with having sold policies worth $2.5 billion as the New York Life Insurance agent. And, Dalpath Bhai Patel, the mayor of Mansfield County who was a motelier before.
What I think about this book?
Well, firstly it is a very simple book. And most of all an inspiring book for the upcoming entrepreneurs. Every person has some insights on how they tackled the ordeal of their life. Most importantly how they were firmly rooted to their values. The reader can have an understanding of what is the important ingredient to be a successful entrepreneur. Well the answers are hard work and smart work and never give up attitude.
I personally liked all the chapters for each had to tell something very special and different. Only common aspect in five chapters were the truthfulness, honesty, loyalty, a hunger to have an own business and soar them high to success with hard work and upholding the Indian values and culture. I like the cover page of the book i.e. a suitcase, a symbol that glorifies business, Dhandha. And after reading the chapters I truly feel Gujuratis do have an innate sense of business.
My suggestion : A must read book and a must to have in the collection.

(c) Reviewed by Sridevi Nayak Karopady

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