The Mad Tibetan – Stories from then and now. : Book Review.

The Mad Tibetan, stories from the and now is a fiction by Deepti Naval. This book will definitely will be one of favorites for the way it is narrated. It is succinct and has a very idiosyncratic descriptive nature. Each story is picturesque and expressive and strikes the right chord of the readers mind.

The stories in this book are very vivacious. Thulli is a grimy tale of prostitute in Kamathipuri in Mumbai. It has a deep impact on the reader (I had, and I believe even you will also have). Piano Tuner gently pulls your heart to the tale of the music from a piano that Feroze Batilboi once played. Sisters is a story of two sisters whose long locks had to do be chopped off because of the uncontrollable proliferation of the lice’s breeding. They are tugged down into the sands of humiliation. One night they both plan to run away from their humiliation but will they be successful in their endeavors? 
While Balraj Sahni is a story about Deepti’s first encounter of Balraj Sahni and her success story to grab an autograph for herself, Ruth Mayberry is story of Ruth who inspires with her never-say-die-spirit, yet struggles with lonliness. D, The morning after, Bombay Central, Premonition, Birds and The Mad Tibetan are stories that articulates in a tone that echoes and incites hope, love, and joy.
I am glad that I came across this book in my college library. Sooner will own the book until then I can just have it in my wishlist of To-Buy-Novels. My recommendation is – give a try, and then you shall see how you will fall in love with this book.

P.S. I received this book from MySmartPrice ( and in return I promised them to give an honest and an unbiased review.

(c) Reviewed by Sridevi Nayak Karopady

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