The Dalai Lama’s Cat : Book Review

A perfect brew, appealing  and love for felines and shedding light on Buddhism. The author has effortlessly weaved stories around the Buddhism teachings which he wanted to put across. The narrator of this book, the cat, is rather very unusual and felines lover will find it to be simply adorable. The coherent description of Dharamsala and McLeod Ganj will engage the the reader with delight and yearning. One would want to pin this places 

The Dalai Lama’s cat is a journal of  cat, a pet of the Buddhist leader. The cat that has the advantage of an exceptional outlook which forms the means through which the author takes the reader to a meaningful and blissful end. The difficult lessons are described with much ease which helps a reader to use them to enrich their daily lives. This book will be a great tool if you want to stride on a path of introspection simply want to be a a self content person. 
Reading this book, one can self realise and organise thoughts. One can have an innate reaction to a miniscule problem.Going through every page of this book gave me a new vantage. It can definitely be an interesting start to know about self realisation. However, it is difficult to comprehend all spiritual teachings in one go for an amateur mind but if this book can bring in the right motion inside the mind then the purpose is achieved.

P.S. I received this book from MySmartPrice ( and in return I promised them to give an honest and an unbiased review.
(c) Reviewed by Sridevi Nayak Karopady

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