The Prophecy of Trivine : Book Review


A didactic novel however, the authors Pulkit Gupta, Srivatsan Sridharan, Tnashsin Garg, have designed the entire book with remarkable events involving alien race, teleportation, mind reading, supernatural, umwelt. And then there are three guys in a jungle with an alien lassie amidst flora and fauna. The premise of the plot is simplistic and narratives are impeccable. The poetic touch and the personification to express the darkness is something worth a treat.
The book has three significant young characters and are very different from each other hailing from the earth. In the dense forest resides an immortal alien lassie. The three guys encounter each other accidently or call it the conspiracy of the fate. Alien lassie performs an experiment on the three guys without their consent. The experiment is the determining factor of the destiny of the human race. The four characters seem to be like a maze at a point. At times I was awed with the events like the celestial powers possessed by the supernatural lassie. The beauty of the flora and fauna is appreciable.

Should human race be punished for harming the ecological balance or should they just be left to face their existence. It is interesting to see that the question which has to knock in the human minds has aroused in the supernatural lassie. However at the flipside the author manages to pull you out of that conclusion showing you that the human race is complex and has shown reasons for survival too.

After the conclusions are drawn by the alien from her experiment, I thought there will be some prophecy of trivine. However, it did not even after the three guys started following their goals with utmost dedication. The climax did not really build up to my expectations. May be it will be revealed in the sequels.

Apart from few glitches, this book is a fantastic read, kudos to its narrative language. Stay tuned for the action to unfold in the sequel.

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(c) Reviewed by Sridevi Nayak Karopady

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