God is a gamer : Book Review

On the back cover:
What happens when you cross Gamer, Banker, Politician and Terrorist with virtual money?
From the bestselling author of “If God was a banker” comes the first ever bitcoin thriller.
God is a Gamer is a world where money means nothing, martyrs are villains, predators are prey, assassination is taught by the ancient Greeks, and nothing is as it seems.
Moving from Washington’s Congress to Delhi’s finance ministry, the beaches of Goa to the corporate boardrooms of Mumbai, this is Ravi Subramanian’s most gripping novel yet.

My review:
The plot is racy and pushes a reader to skip a couple of pages to know what’s going to happen next . It’s a total engagement which has love, lust, lies and secrets in various shades adding new spice to the story. This book is not that high on banking sector yet forms an integral part in the entire plot. Author will make you fall for all the games and twist and turns in the book and you will be stumped by the end.

As always, Ravi is very meticulous in his research and this time it is the world of Bitcoins. He has done a remarkable and an extensive research.  God Is A Gamer is a perfect read and trust me, , the book punctuates with an adrenaline rush which will not let you sleep till you finish reading it and get stumped. Curious still? Go grab the book first.

Do I recommend God Is A Gamer?
If you like thrillers then yes. If you like to have a change with the genres then definitely yes!
Will I read more books by this author?
This blog says it all. Do I need to answer more?

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(c) Reviewed by Sridevi Nayak Karopady

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