An Eulogy to storytellers

Storyteller and his listeners

Love the storytellers,because they have the talent which many people fear of not having.
Any one can be a storyteller.
All you need is a passion for stories.
Every story has one single idea but different expressions.
And those expressions, narratives become unique in the stories.

Why do you think some could strike the right chord?
It is only because they found a gallery of different expressions.
To be a storyteller you do not need a pen or a brush.
They are the mere tools to ink and paint those expressions.
A story is born in the eye of beholder.

If you hear a story, and it manages to strike a chord, learn to appreciate it
Pass it among those whom you know, recommend them, endorse them.
For that’s why the storyteller live for.
They want their stories to be read, heard, canvassed, painted, printed, captured and most importantly loved.

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