The Wedding Card

Naina, a short, dusky and lean girl, is a budding graphic artist and a gifted illustrator. During her leisure, she would invest her energy in illustrations and painting. She would sit in front of her laptop at her desk and design new ideas that would just tickle her right side of the brain.

Amit, a tall, average build guy, works as an investment banker in a leading MNC of the country. He is tired and bored with the way his life punctuates monotony and boredom. Virtual life is only way for him to escape. He could play a role of anyone and portray himself like the way chameleons camouflage with ease.

Naina and Amit met each other in one of the social media platforms. Sooner they exchanged their email id and were regular in exchanging each others view and feelings. Such is the power of internet. Amit proposed Naina. Naina felt the cupid did not spare them from his love strike. She was oblivious to what the future holds for them and was blindly in love.

She never failed to woo Amit with her poems, handmade painting or mixed media art. Amit’s only response to her gesture was just a mere one liner. Once he received a poem from her in his mail box. He read the first two words and the last two words and punched in ” wow baby! You are so creative.” message and pressed the send button. Naina’s joy grew in leaps and bounds when she would see his text in her inbox. She felt it was a romantic reciprocation from Amit. She failed to recognise the real context had she been a little more alert. It was not her fault either. Love is a magical potion that can make anyone blind.

Few more years passed. Naina and Amit now used to have regular fights. Naina wanted commitment from Amit. And this topic always engaged them in a steamy argument. One day Naina just punched ” I hate you” message and sent it to him. Amit just smiled off and did not bother to text her back as he was busy playing his new found love PlayStation game.

Seeing no response from Amit, Naina sat through entire night to design an intricate wedding card. It was one of a kind design. She pushed herself more than needed and came with her best. She was in awe when she finished it and in a jiffy sent him a low resolution image to his email id before it was dawn.

That morning Amit logged in to check if he had received any appointment emails and stumbled on Naina’s mail subject which said ” Sorry honey – a gift for a make up.” Amit opened the mail and saw the attachment. His ignorance towards Naina acted again and typed his usual one liner message. But this time he wrote some more lines before sending his reply. It read “I’m lucky to have a talented girl. I promise to use this as my wedding card and invite people on my big day.” Naina was grinning widely when she saw the response.

Three years passed since then. Naina received a wedding card from Amit. It was beautiful. The card felt familiar to Naina. After recollection it struck her that it was her design. She was silent, numb and emotionless. Amit had kept his promise. It was his wedding card. It had his name written in golden coloured bold typeface. But, the only thing that stood out from Naina’s design was the name of the partner. Naina’s name was replaced with Amit’s beloved and Naina found her name addressed in invitees.

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  1. The story is simple and great..I am just exploring your site.. after months all of a sudden… Good job. Great design..Navigating from one post to another is easy.

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