The 100th day of her life

Everyday she wakes up and decides not to let any pain attain her. She keeps her chin up and goes to work showing the world that she is an independent woman. To everyone else she seems to be oblivious to a feeling called sorrow. Little did they know that on every 100th day, the sorrow engulfs her  so deeply that she wouldn’t be able to rise up on her very own leg that she off as an independent lass. She turns remorseful but grieving is only on every 100th day. The next day she sets off a fresh new page and new chapter in her life by swaying her long tresses like nothing happened. She is like the protagonist of every brands that constantly bombard messages saying it is a one-stop-shop for all ‘her’ problems.

2 opinions on “The 100th day of her life”

  1. Your life will have many happy chapters once you win…Keep posting things like this which makes a difference to people like are indeed helping in creating a better world through your writing.

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