Like it never happened

Dear Readers

Quick update, I am back to Bangalore. I have cancelled my remaining leaves and resumed my work. It feels great to be back after such a long break. The sabbatical did not go as per my intention but the best part of sabbatical was my recovery. My bipolar episodes have reduced to a minuscule. I am quite happy about the new development and I will be visiting psychiatrist soon and just cannot wait to share this news with him.

Currently I am having issue with my reading speed and writing block. The block is irritating me for quite sometime. But with such block I was able to write two important pitch mails about my client. I have also written one short story. Apart from that I am unable to write. I think I still need time. My friend asked me to write on the block .

The block chokes me from within, I feel my writing tastes insipid. The words yell at me asking me not to wake them up as they are not ready to bleed yet. They ask me more time. I feel I am walking on a blank space and I cannot hear or see anything. At times I wonder whether my brain has become used to its idle state and is lazy to even think! Crazy right?

Reading speed has drastically dropped. I am dragging a book for weeks rather than just few days. I have read three books and left it in between. They are interesting read but I had to put it down due to disinterest towards written words  that crept in me for sometime. Currently, I am reading Preeti Shenoy’s Why we love the way we do. I am quite slow with the book.

Even with such setbacks I am still optimistic that I will be soon be bouncing on all that is left behind like it never happened. Till then keep reading and do let me know how did you like this post.

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  1. Congratulations on getting back from your sabbatical. My wish is If I ll be able to read your short story. If you can do so ,please share it here.It has been ages since I last read a short story.Don’t bother much about negativity. Last heard you had written that you are practicing Yoga.I don’t remember if you wrote it here or in your Instagram posts.Continue with that it ll help you a lot. Waiting for your next post.



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