Simple seven ways to beat the idleness


Most of us have experienced idleness for more than once regardless of the day. An idle mind is devil’s workshop. Hence, here are 7 interesting ways to combat idleness.

1. Read a book: Go hunt your personal library and grab a book which you always wanted to read but you couldn’t do so as you were ‘busy’.  If you do not have personal collection, then do not crib. Set on your foot and go to the nearest library. Rent a book. Read it. If you feel better and want to read more, you know what to do.

2. Get on your feet to have a good nature conversation: When was the last time you went walking just to admire nature? Before adorning a thinking cap, just finish this entire post. Wear your favorite pair of footwear, keep your neck high, breathe-in and just start walking. Admire your surroundings, see what has developed or modified. Observe while you are burning off some of you calories.

3. Scribble: If you have a habit of keeping a journal, then start writing. Scribble whatever comes in your head. Write whatever you have observed, if you tried point number 2. Doodle, sketch, and draw, if you are a poet, write poems. Anything and everything that your heart wants to pour out. You are just one step away from holding a pen and scribbling on the pages.

4. Budding with old buddies: If you have best friends (I’m sure, you at least have one) whom you did not give a call since ages, then this is the time. Find your phone, dial the number, and wait till you friend answers and then just talk. Chit-chat, giggles, share and do all which you both must have missed. It works wonders.

5. Cooking is therapeutic: Pick you apron. Scratch your head to know which delicacy you would like to experiment. Organize your ingredient and start cooking. Once done with your art work, please do not forget to clean your own mess. So two in one-act eh?

6. Workout: Hit a gym or visit swimming pool. If you do not know how to swim, this is the best opportunity to scare away your phobia of water and to learn swimming. Swimming is the best exercise to do. Dance on your favorite music. Dancing is one of the best ways to burn of those extra calories. If you are a yoga enthusiast, then why not stretch?

7. Do not log on to Facebook or any other social network: You would really agree and even retrospect that spending enormous time online kills those precious moments which could create memories to cherish. Instead meet up with friends face to face. Make new friends (be careful though, do not go overboard).

So here you have 7 awesome ways to kill your boredom. Let me know if you have anything else to add in the list in the comments below.

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