Why you should write a letter to yourself?


Few days back while writing my journal, an idea struck to me to write a letter to self after I turn 30. I quickly turned to a fresh page and started inking. While writing, I found that I am a very curious person. I bombarded myself with various questions back to back without a break. There is only one paragraph which lifted up my mood. Rest were a lot of follow up questions which I would want to know what must have had happened over a course of time.

Writing this letter helped a lot to connect with myself. I came to know like everyone else I have insecurities inside me. I am not a perfect person. And standing strong on what I said on my previous post I am working on it as well. I am looking at a newer perspective which helps me feel secure rather than insecure and helpless. I felt writing a letter to myself was a powerful self-development tool. I know one thing when I reach 30 and read it, I have created a memory bank for myself. I actually gave an attempt to create and increase self awareness.

If you are planning to write a letter for yourself then please go through this website. It reasons the importance of writing a letter and how to go about it.

I felt fantastic. Let me know how you felt about writing it in the comment section.

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